Attn: We will be closed for the holiday Friday, April 18th. You will find us planting seeds in the Earth at our good friends farm! :) Yay!

See you Saturday and beyond!!


Dear Friends!

We will be back on with serving Richards St. as soon as the changes are complete!


We’ve already seen some of you at the new Powell St. location, so that’s been super nice!!

Have you heard about our new Gorilla Food location!?



We’ve been reviewing, and so decided that to serve you better we would renew ourselves with another kitchen and cafe space, with an up and coming, rawvolving, organic, super-foods shop and workshop space!

It’s gonna be rad!

It’s at 477 Powell St.!


11-5, 7 days.

We’re just beginning!!


Stay tuned!

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Love from the Gorilla’s


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